Alpacas of Haven Hill

Haven Hill is a family-run farm established in 2003 on 74 beautiful acres in the high hills of eastern New York. Owners Judy Leon and Kim Atkins first experienced the fine qualities of alpaca fiber many decades ago while living in Peru. Judy still wears alpaca sweaters purchased in an open air Cuzco market in 1972.


We firmly believe that everyone deserves some alpaca in their lives! For some people, that might mean a warm sweater or a pair of socks. For others, it might mean an alpaca herd of their own--.maybe as pasture pets, as fiber animals, or for breeding and show. There are so many ways to enjoy alpacas.


Our journey to alpaca ownership has been long and eventful, but yours can be much smoother. Whatever the level of your alpaca interest might currently be, from hiking socks to breeding stock, we would be happy to talk to you about it, and to help you along the way in your own alpaca adventure.

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