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Lost your car keys?

Lost your car keys?

I Lost my car keys! What now!?

How many times have you been sent on a mad scramble around the house to find a set of lost car keys? It’s a struggle everyone has been through. Don’t panic! While losing something so important may seem like an instant bad day, we have the information you need to avoid any potential disasters.

After the initial panic subsides, the most common method people resort to when it comes to replacing their car keys – whether advised by Google or a friend – is to hitch a ride to the local car dealership and pay upwards of $300 for another set. What people don’t seem to realize is that there’s another choice involved, we can help. 

Keep a Spare Better yet, get a spare made when you aren't in a panic. Keep it in a safe spot for an emergency. Most likely your lost key will eventually show up. 

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