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Your Co-op Pharmacy Here to support you and your family!

Your Co-op Pharmacy Here to support you and your family!

You're at home here.


Your Co-op Pharmacy
Here to support you and your family!

Fully staffed with highly trained pharmacists, registered pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants, your Co-op pharmacy team is here to partner with you in optimizing your health. Known to go above and beyond in order to assist their patients with achieving their personal health and wellness goals, ethical and compassionate care is a top priority for all staff.

The staff specializes in more than simply filling your prescriptions. The Co-op pharmacy provides a variety of extra services such as complete annual care plans and standard medication management assessments, both of which are covered by Alberta Health. These are comprehensive medication review services that involve you and the pharmacist coming up with a care plan and setting personal goals for your health.

Some of the other services the Co-op pharmacists are trained to deliver are: injection services (for various vaccines, blood thinners, insulin, vitamins, hormones and more), hormone consultations, smoking cessation support, blood pressure, blood sugar, hemoglobin A1c, cholesterol testing and ordering of labs if deemed appropriate for your care. We also rent Medela breast pumps to assist nursing mothers.

The Co-op has a Certified Diabetes Educator on staff and available by appointment to aid in answering any questions about diabetes for those who have had the disease for many years, to those newly-diagnosed.

The Co-op pharmacy has developed a healthy living speaker series providing information on various topics throughout the year. Topics range from healthy eating, managing stress, positive thinking, pelvic health, growing your own food and many more.

Care and commitment you can count on when you put your trust in your Co-op Pharmacy Team!

You're at home here.

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Closed Sunday and Public Holidays

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