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Dr Maurice J. Cyr

Dr Maurice J. Cyr

We’ve been delivering quality chiropractic care to the Rutland area since 1983.

Our priority is to do a great job so that you will get better quickly and to educate you about what you can do for preventative care and also the importance of wellness care.

To accomplish that goal we start with a very thorough examination. On the first visit to our office, you should expect to spend an hour and a half. We are always pleased when a new patient says, “Wow! No one ever examined me that thoroughly.” The benefits of doing an excellent exam are that you can be sure that you haven’t missed anything, we will find the underlying cause of your problem and we will often find other contributing factors that you may not have been aware of. We are neck and back and spine specialists for sure but we also fix a lot of shoulders, knees, wrists and ankle and foot problems.

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