Agri Supply Co. (Direct Distributors Inc.)

Direct Distributors Inc. is based in North Carolina, USA. We are a family owned private business that began in 1962 with the second generation running the Company. We employ around 400 persons. We wear many hats in what we do, please note the following:

Agri Supply is our family of Farm Stores. We have 8 stores, soon to be 9 located in the Southeast US. The stores are in size from 45,000 to 120,000 sq ft..We stock over 26,000 items and do all our own buying and importing which is handled by our admin arm, Direct Distributors Inc. For an idea of our product mix please go to ...

Agmate is our wholesale OEM division selling to around 600 OEMs of farm equipment in the US, including sales into Mexico and Canada as well as into other parts of the world.

Agri Direct is our Mail Order business through our catalogs and the internet. The catalog can also be seen on our website. We print and send out close to 2 million copies a year. We sell all over the world.